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Visitations are one of the main missions of JISA. Our volunteers from faith organizations, members of local communities, colleges, and universities make regular visits to Adelanto to:

  • Offer the comfort of a visit from an American to let them know there are people in the U.S. who care about them

  • Learn about their lives, their experiences prior to coming to the U.S. seeking asylum, their families, and how they are faring in detention.

  • Provide support while they are on their journey through the asylum-seeking process

  • Offer our help with whatever needs we can meet while they are detained, such as small amounts of money deposited into their commissary accounts

Reflections from Natasha Anis on a semester spent visiting and speaking with people incarcerated at the Adelanto Immigration Detention Center


Accompaniment includes:


  • Attending asylum and bond hearings

  • Aiding the search for legal representation

  • Arranging transportation from Adelanto to final destinations

  • Providing backpacks with a change of clothing, hygiene items, water, and snacks

  • Donating phone cards or disposable cell phones

  • Offering very short-term housings

  • Staying in touch with asylum seekers after they are released

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